Sorry for the loud title but I just get so excited over books, especially new books! In this case, they’re used but still new to me! Also, I got my laptop back! Hooray! I missed it for the two days it was away from me, the torture was unbearable but it gave me an excuse to finish a book I had started. More on that later.

Last weekend there was a book sale going on at a local library where you just pay 2 dollars and they give you a large paper bag to fill with books. Now, I can tell was indeed a large bag. It’s full of trash now but just take my word for it because I managed to fit 23 books and one magazine in that thing. I filled it up to the top! The bag only suffered one tear but I snuck out of there before anyone tempted me to buy another bag.

There were all sorts of books; non-fiction, fiction, cookbooks, textbooks..I can go on. I went at around 10 in the morning and I guess I wasn’t too surprised at the amount of people at the sale. I was hoping I would be the only one so I can treasure hunt in peace but I was still glad to see more people to help out the library and give books a new home. I want to share with you all the books I found in hopes you’ll find something you like enough that you would want to read.


‘Shadow is a man with a past. but now he wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with his wife and stay out of trouble. Until he learns that she’s been killed in a terrible accident. Flying home for the funeral, as a violent storm rocks the place, a strange man in the seat next to him introduces himself. The man calls himself Mr. Wednesday, and he knows more about Shadow than is possible. He warns Shadow that a far bigger storm is coming. And from that moment on, nothing will ever be the same…’


‘A persuasive guide for those who want to achieve their full potential in every area of life and to perfect the body and mind by reaching beyond their limits and setting goals of unlimited growth.’


An anthology of poetry from American poets about the Holocaust and its struggles. (I got this one because I’m so inspired by the Writing 201 class, I need more poetry in my life.) And look, its an autographed copy! I don’t know who’s signature this is but either way, it’s my first ever autographed book. Lucky day!


Finished reading this one already and I quite enjoyed it. I may write a review on it in the next few days.

‘Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the tiny town of Big Stone Gap is home to some of the most charming eccentrics in the state.Ave Maria Mulligan is the town’s self-proclaimed spinster, a thirty-five year old pharmacist with a “mountain girl’s body and a flat behind.” She lives an amiable life with good friends and lots of hobbies until the fateful day in 1978 when she suddenly discovers that she’s not who she always thought she was…’


‘Ken Follett’s historical novel The Pillars of the Earth provides a personalized view of family life, civil wars, and the power struggle between the monarchy and the church in twelfth-century England. With storytelling skills that focus on suspense, Follett unwinds a captivating tale that follows the failures and successes of several generations of prominent families in the fictional village of Kingsbridge.’


‘…An amazing exploration of eternal truths, which offers a unique path to personal transformation. Its central message of universal love and peace lies in the rejection of guilt and the embracing of forgiveness, and it is a work that has inspired millions around the world. In essence it is a spiritual teaching. It is not a religion, and it is ecumenical in its approach.’


‘In the land of Kodu Riik, it is an honor to be selected by the Lady to become an ahalad-kaaslane-to have your soul bonded with one of Her blessed animals, and roam the land serving Her will. But Riesil refuses to bow to fate-a decision that may have repercussions across the realm…’


A lovely picture book on the area of Provence, France which take you on a photographic journey through the rich history and heritage of the region of the iconic sights and hidden treasures alike.

Happenstance Found Paperback Cover

‘Happenstance, a boy with unusual green eyes, awakens with no memories and soon falls under the protection of the unpredictable adventurer Lord Umber.’


Godspeaker trilogy: I was lucky enough to find the entire trilogy at this book sale, I can’t wait to get started on it!

‘In a family torn apart by poverty and violence, Hekat is no more than an unwanted mouth to feed, worth only a few coins from a passing slave trader.But Hekat was not born to be a slave. For her, a different path has been chosen. It is a path that will take her from stinking back alleys to the house of her god, from blood-drenched battlefields to the glittering palaces of Mijak.This is the story of Hekat, slave to no man.’


Here is one I thought would make a great coffee table book because I am a bit of an anglophile and I love art books. Lo and behold when I opened it to skim, I found out it was autographed by the artist! Another great find for me, two autographed books in one day!


Found this gem underneath a pile of books. I love anything with history tied to my roots. When I opened it there were some old newspaper clippings that have to do with the cavalry. Indeed, I will cherish this one.


A collection of different ancient literatures. I do hope the original transcripts are in here, I love me some good myths.


‘Guardian of the Horizon is the 16th in a series of historical mystery novels, written by Elizabeth Peters and featuring fictional sleuth and archaeologist Amelia Peabody.’

16th? Goodness, I hope it’s just the same character with different adventures, otherwise I’m afraid i’ll have to read the previous 15 books!


‘The Last Days of Pompeii is a novel written by the baron Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1834. The novel was inspired by the painting The Last Day of Pompeii by the Russian painter Karl Briullov, which Bulwer-Lytton had seen in Milan.’

There you have it! I’m missing two books because I got those for my parents and the magazine was a Woman’s World with the Pioneer Woman on the cover (I love her recipes so much!). I’m proud of the new additions to my personal library, and all for 2 whole dollars! You can’t beat such a great deal! Oops, back to the exclamation points. Hope you saw something you liked well enough to inspire you to read it. As for me, all these will definitely be keeping me busy…at least until the book festival in 2 weeks!

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I write what I'm passionate about. I believe in the therapeutic process of writing because it keeps me sane and motivated. This blog is made up of poems, narratives and other musings.
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7 Responses to BOOK HAUL!

  1. Nice! I love the annual library sales. I take the whole family when we go and everyone finds something. 🙂

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  2. clcouch123 says:

    You found treasure. “Wonderful things,” were the first words said on opening Tut’s tomb. Neil Gaiman is such a crafter of words. I have a friend who reads everything by him. I recently read The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I also read, ironically for your sale, an article by Gaiman on the vital importance of libraries. Poems about the Holocaust is an impressive find. I’ve read novels and essays; I now know there’s good poetry out there. The Classical and Medieval collection should lead you to other works of those ages, too. Provence is a favorite place of mine–not that I’ve been there, because I haven’t–ever since I read A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. And something tied to your own background? Wow. You did good. I’d be envious except that the sharing and celebration of books comes first. Oh, my sister and I share mystery titles. She’s read most things by Elizabeth Peters. I’ve read some. Thanks so much for the spirited sharing of your adventure!

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    • ClarissaG says:

      Amazing, I shall have to read that article about libraries. I’m currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman and am engulfed in his writing. I knew he was renowned for his skill with words but this is the first book I’ve ever read of his. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of these books and yes, the Provence book is so lovely! Now that destination is on my bucket list. Now I just have to find somewhere to put all these books, my bookshelves are full to bursting!


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