Resting (W)itch Face


As always I’m blogging in the wee hours in the night and there’s about two hours left of October 31st in my neck of the woods. It’s so late that even WordPress is insisting that I am posting this on November 1st. No no,WordPress…I am still in the Halloween spirit!

So while in the spirit of Halloween I decided to share my troubles with you. Actually, this has nothing to do with Halloween in the slightest but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity of pun humor. For the sake of the language of this article, I’ll call the Resting (W)itch Face, RBF, for short. I like to keep it clean, folks!

Wednesday Addams, the Queen of RBF

Wednesday Addams, the Queen of RBF

My RBF is genetic, thanks to my father. If any of you have RBF, you will understand the frustration I get whenever someone asks if I’m upset. They insist and while you try to calmly explain that your face just looks like that, the hint of anger/frustration comes up which makes them think they were right in your assumption of being angry all along. For those of you who have a neutral and happy, approachable face, this is how a conversation usually goes with with me:

“Hey, why are you mad?”
(Me, slightly confused) “I’m not mad.”
“You look mad.”
“Well I”m not mad.”
“But your face looks mad.”
“I can’t help it, my face is like that. It’s just my face.”
“So why are you mad?”
(At this point I have the bite in my voice) “I just said I’m not mad!”
“You sound mad.”

And thus the cycle continues. Besides the so eloquent conversations on how mad I look, I usually have the problem with people getting the wrong impression about me. I’m friendly, and I like to make new friends and smile and say hello once in a while. But thanks to my RBF, I get instances of people thinking I’m uppity or standoffish. Even with friends I have now, after they got to know me, they told me they thought I was stuck up at first!

How embarrassing. But you know, this RBF is both a gift and a curse. Some days I just am not in the mood for any social interaction and like a shield or repellant, my RBF grants me the freedom to enjoy my alone time without anyone bothering me.

So, as a not-so-smooth segue, I’ll try to make this post worthy of your time. Bottom line is:

Smile more, you’ll do yourself a favor.

You can quote me on that. So on 10:37 PM October 31st, this entry will be posted. Don’t put me in November yet, WordPress! Cheers everyone!

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I write what I'm passionate about. I believe in the therapeutic process of writing because it keeps me sane and motivated. This blog is made up of poems, narratives and other musings.
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3 Responses to Resting (W)itch Face

  1. clcouch123 says:

    Terrific illustration and good advice about smiling. But I don’t know how someone is until I ask “How are you?” and deal with what I hear (or don’t) in response. The face is a mask and a choice and an impulse and an instinct and unintentional and more–too many things to make easy assumptions about. I think the social shield is prudent, though. I think I might like the benefit of that. As for writing on Hallowe’en, well, you were. I think I was writing during the witching hour, but as I was not positing I didn’t have to deal with WordPress’s evil spells. Hope your Hallowe’en time was deep and dark and colorful and just-enough scary–however you like it to be. Thanks!


    • ClarissaG says:

      Thank you! I do prefer being asked “How are you?” instead of someone assuming I was upset.
      My Halloween was frightfully spooky indeed! I’m glad that you managed to avoid WordPress’ s spell. Thanks for reading.


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