Everyone is Insecure About Something (Writing 101-Day 7)

Let social media inspire you

One of the goals of Writing 101 is to tap into new and unexpected places for post ideas. Today, let’s look to Twitter for inspiration.

To quote one of my favorite teenage angst bands:

“Just talk yourself up and tear yourself down,
You’ve built your one wall, now find your way around.”

We all are our own biggest critic, that’s a simple truth. Regardless of what 10, 20, 100 people can say, if you aren’t happy with your work, you’ll continue putting it down. Why? Why do we do that? I don’t want to generalize it with writing because everyone feels this way. “He draws so effortlessly, I can’t even catch up.” “I can’t get this dance routine right, how come she can be so perfect at it?”

What we fail to understand is that when we look at other people and say how great they are, we constantly put ourselves down in the process, completely overlooking to see how far you have come. Maybe you just started taking ballet and have been practicing for 5 months…you watch a prima ballerina gracefully dance and sigh wistfully wishing that you could be at her level. You still could! It isn’t realistic to be comparing yourself to someone who has been practicing their art for a longer time than you have. Yes, admire them and their work, but also be inspired, not discouraged. What we all fail to keep in mind is that even the great masters have doubts in their abilities.

Lev Grossman’s tweet is so powerful, so profound, yet so true and obvious. Who is really that sure of themselves? It’s in our nature to be envious, even if we don’t want to. There’s always that small pang of envy (not jealousy, there’s a difference). Again, we are our own biggest critic.

Even the masters look over their shoulder and yearn for the ease of a talent that others seem to possess. They yearn for the acknowledgement of their talent, the admiration of their hard work. No, it doesn’t come easy to them but with their hard work and perseverance, it has paid off.

Look over your shoulder and you’ll see someone behind you, wishing to be as good as you are at whatever you do.

My response to Writing 101 Day 7, ‘Let Social Media Inspire You!’ I was lazy and chose one of the pre-picked tweets instead of searching for my own. Luckily for me, I found this a very easy topic to expand upon. It’s something I feel everyday, when I read great written works here on WordPress or see amazing works of art on Instagram..it seems social media feeds our little green monster every day. We just need to remember that we’re all good at something, even if it’s not the same thing.

This tweet reminded me of a comic I saw on Facebook a while back, it was of an artist who was trying to catch up to her idol artist but she just kept thinking she wasn’t good enough. Then she noticed her idol was trying to catch up to his idol, etc. When she looked back over her shoulder, she saw there was an artist who was trying to catch up to her as well. It’s a never ending cycle of wanting to reach the same level as an idol, that’s all there is to it. You might be someone’s idol and not even know it.

That’s all my rambling for tonight, cheers!

About Clarissa

I'm Clarissa--a self proclaimed geek therapist from Texas! Inspired by fellow therapists with nerdy interests, I want to contribute my own insight and passion of anime, fandom and other categories of pop culture by applying themes into the real world for us to implement in our own lives. Let's channel Luffy's fearlessness and positivity! Be the Deku that does their best! Let's open the discussion about anime and mental health together!
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2 Responses to Everyone is Insecure About Something (Writing 101-Day 7)

  1. Amanda says:

    true. we are our biggest criticizer.

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