Hesitation, Procrastination

Tuesday, November 10

What is the hardest part of a big project: getting the energy to begin, finding the time to work on it, or feeling down that it’s over?


One of the BIGGEST issues I have in starting anything is figuring out how I’m going to start it. If i’m not inspired, I won’t even touch it, whether it’s an essay for class or a blank canvas waiting for me to paint on. In my opinion, creativity cannot be forced, so why try? All that will come out is something I won’t be happy with.

Once I’ve finally started though, I am a force that cannot be stopped. I can just keep going and going, like the energizer bunny. I’m one of those people that hates taking breaks once i’m involved in something because once I stop and get out of “the zone”, I’ll have difficulty getting back into it again. This applies to me when I’m reading a book too. No bathroom breaks, no food, just turning the page to get to the next chapter.

What are some challenges you face when you have a project? Is it the same as me? Different? Let me know! Thanks for reading!

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About C.G

I write what I'm passionate about. I believe in the therapeutic process of writing because it keeps me sane and motivated. This blog is made up of poems, narratives and other musings.
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2 Responses to Hesitation, Procrastination

  1. clcouch123 says:

    I start writing by writing, and I’m usually not concerned about the final form or how to engage an ultimate audience. I figure I’ll figure that out as I go. Do I succeed? I don’t know. I simply keep at it.

    This week, though, I had an editing project to do. And I didn’t write right away. I took some time–a few days, really–to ponder the requirements and expectations of the assignment. This was more formal work than usual (using Chicago style and such), and maybe I found that daunting. Or at least requiring some time from me to prepare by thinking. The work is due tomorrow, and I sent it off today. So I guess that’s good. I’m pretty good with the deadlines of others.

    When you mention the zone, though, I relate. When I get writing, I’m there. Coffee will get cold; food will wait. And I will not welcome interruptions until I decide it’s time to stop. Hopefully because the main work’s done.


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    • ClarissaG says:

      Yes, I completely agree. I didn’t specify but I do put more planning and thinking into my writing projects that are for serious work (like essays and such) but the freedom of blogging allows me to not think and just write. I feel the same as you say, did I succeed in writing what I wanted? Who knows but I’ll post it anyway. I’m glad you got your work sent in on time, deadlines are good to have so the time won’t go away from you.

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