Autumn Morning

The air is cool and brisk, a slight breeze breathes in from the North making this Autumn morning feel seasonally appropriate. The breeze grows stronger and a cloud of blackbirds flock to a power line to warm their bird feet. Sounds of traffic echo from the highway nearby, nothing busy, just a semi at a time.

Silence yet again. Unseen birds chirp within the confines of their nests. Tree branches sway to the right as I look on to the east. Powder blue and soft white are blended in the sky; the base of an oil painting is waiting for more gradient and color as the hours pass by.

A jackrabbit hops along the acre and a bird with long tail feathers perches itself on a fence post, just for a second. When I blink it is off again in flight. Nature is profound around me, an open field of grass and mesquite trees. The balcony offers a perfect view of the scenery, close enough to be immersed and yet far enough to only be a spectator in it’s beauty.

Smells of breakfast waft from downstairs, something warm to compliment this cool, Fall morning. It is a perfect moment at the Nowhere Ranch, and it will stay frozen in my memory to look back on again.

Back from my short break from writing. What was it, one day? Two? It tore me up inside to be away but I needed it. Something I realized yesterday is that one always finds something new to worry about. I am trying to worry yet also trying to stay positive. I wonder if it’s possible? Being negative only brings negativity to you so I am trying my best not do see the glass half empty. I have a lot on my mind, and after this morning’s writing exercise, I feel inclined to write about it, as a sort of healing. At least, I hope it will make me feel better.

The worry had drained my inspiration to write, but after sitting outside for a few minutes, I feel rejuvenated. I’ll stop rambling for now. Thank you for reading!

About Clarissa

I'm Clarissa--a self proclaimed geek therapist from Texas! Inspired by fellow therapists with nerdy interests, I want to contribute my own insight and passion of anime, fandom and other categories of pop culture by applying themes into the real world for us to implement in our own lives. Let's channel Luffy's fearlessness and positivity! Be the Deku that does their best! Let's open the discussion about anime and mental health together!
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2 Responses to Autumn Morning

  1. Yecheilyah says:

    I enjoyed that.I love your descriptive writing skills. I could see everything and the picture is icing on the cake.

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