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2015 in review

Here is my short review from my year here on WordPress. I started this blog in late September and I’ve surprised myself with how far it’s come. I can’t wait to continue this blog into the new year, but for … Continue reading

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As Told by an Only Child

I’ll start with this– I have a lot to write about so I think this might be uploaded in several parts as I see fit. I write this not only for myself, but in hopes it might provide some insight … Continue reading

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Je suis humain.

  It is time for peace. Now is the time to have war cease. We have not yet been released Of this torturous, carnivorous beast. It is time for love. Let our hope soar like a dove, Her wings seen … Continue reading

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Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Oh wow, an award with a dragon? How amazing! Being a lover of folklore and fantasy, this certainly made my day when I was nominated by Christopher who writes on his blog: ClCouch123. The way he writes poetry is so … Continue reading

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Iron wheels screech to a halt on the frozen railroad tracks. I stand in front of a place… Hell on Earth. A place where color doesn’t exist, Happiness is forgotten. Where Death followed and hid, waiting for His next victim. … Continue reading

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Don’t Say Goodbye

  Why must you leave? All our love means Nothing to you now. Don’t say goodbye. My hand is slipping. Our past is forgotten by you, Unknowing to her. Goodbye forever, I won’t waver. I promise to be Happy. Don’t. … Continue reading

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“Broken in the shadows,
She became her mask.
The lies were her truth,
She forgot herself long ago.” Continue reading

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Socially accepted Eyes glazed by screens No importance without a hashtag You share Everyone knows you care Don’t stop there take action No acknowledgement Just be human Don’t just share the change Be the change Thank you, @atownend for this … Continue reading

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My Angel

Lingering in the shadows, guiding you as you bloomed. A sweet, delicate rose, untouched of thorns. You know me, My Angel. My reflection haunts you as you slumber. Take my hand into the night, Follow this ghost deep within the … Continue reading

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Mr. Fake U.S.A

Fallacy personified. “You’re a loser.” We are all wrong. He is the best, in his own little world.   Women are bimbos. Muslims are evil. Mexicans are criminals.   To the Man, you talk. Berating, insulting, confusing. No need to … Continue reading

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