Christmas Wish


Fairy lights aglow,
In the midst of pine needles
and fake snow.

Bits and baubles decorate the tree;
A pyramid that glistens and glimmers.
Distortion in the globe, what I see
Is not what can be seen.

Merry carols and season’s greetings,
Across the world is the blaring noise
of gunshots and screaming.

I cannot see beyond the shroud of media,
Toxic fear poisons this time of year.
Can we stand together hand in hand?
Take away the mass hysteria.

Change the reflection of the world,
this is my Christmas wish.
We create hope.

© 2015 An Offbeat Bluestocking


An unorthodox poem, if I could even call it that. It rhymes sometimes? I had two different ideas but they seem to have combined into one. I don’t know if it works but it was strangely easy to write. Just some things that have been in my mind since I’ve put up our tree. Also, the “globe” is not only supposed to describe the ornament but also the globe as in the Earth.

Writing 101, Day 2: Reflections

Reflections are not limited to non-living objects. Our bodies reflect our internal health and our clothes reflect our lifestyle. We also reflect internally upon our world, our physical state, or on ideas bouncing around inside our skulls.

Clear or distorted, in your poem today tell us something about the reflections you see — in the world or in yourself.

Today’s prompt is thanks to Melinda Kucsera!

[Image by Tiramung]

About Clarissa

I'm Clarissa--a self proclaimed geek therapist from Texas! Inspired by fellow therapists with nerdy interests, I want to contribute my own insight and passion of anime, fandom and other categories of pop culture by applying themes into the real world for us to implement in our own lives. Let's channel Luffy's fearlessness and positivity! Be the Deku that does their best! Let's open the discussion about anime and mental health together!
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7 Responses to Christmas Wish

  1. Walty says:

    This was deep, nice job. The way you described the tree as a pyramid was a first for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. blahblurblah says:

    That is very good. Your definitely right about the way you meshed the two ideas and did it very well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. clcouch123 says:

    You have “pine needles/and fake snow.” The metaphor pretty well encapsulates your depiction of the season. Pine needles are organic and authentic. Fake snow is decorous but not true and serves primarily to cover up. So goes this time of year. Your word choice is often jarring, from shrouds and toxic fears to standing together and invoking hope. But the jarring effect is good for making us think. And, who knows, change. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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