Don’t Say Goodbye



Why must you leave?
All our love means
Nothing to you now.
Don’t say goodbye.

My hand is slipping.
Our past is forgotten
by you, Unknowing
to her.

Goodbye forever,
I won’t waver.
I promise to be
Happy. Don’t.
Say Goodbye.

Day 10 is already here! This course has come and gone in a blink of an eye. It’s been a pleasure to write poetry every day (save for one) and to read all of the participant’s wonderful writing.

Today’s prompt is brought to you by: Lucile de Godoy from Bridging Lacunas. Thanks for such a lovely prompt to close this course on! Until next time!

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About Clarissa

I'm Clarissa--a self proclaimed geek therapist from Texas! Inspired by fellow therapists with nerdy interests, I want to contribute my own insight and passion of anime, fandom and other categories of pop culture by applying themes into the real world for us to implement in our own lives. Let's channel Luffy's fearlessness and positivity! Be the Deku that does their best! Let's open the discussion about anime and mental health together!
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16 Responses to Don’t Say Goodbye

  1. sparshsehgal says:

    Hands do slip in the journey of life and bidding farewell to our loved ones is the most difficult task of the world. Beautifully put in words.

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  2. Letting go is so very hard. You described it so well!

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  3. The image of the hand slipping in your poem is simply beautiful! It’s a sad poem, with regret and loss in all the words.
    A small spelling correction: I think you meant “waver,” which means “hesitate” or “vacillate.” (“Waiver” has a different meaning).
    In any case, the use of the word “waver” in that context is absolutely beautiful — such a well-written poem!

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  4. Such a sad and beautiful poem!
    “I promise to be
    Happy. Don’t.
    Say Goodbye.”
    Love the structure of this – so effective and speaks volumes!

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  5. clcouch123 says:

    The title of the poem and more so the content brought to mind (and mind’s ear) the song that Gollum sings (or that’s sung with Gollum’s voice, if Gollum had a singing voice) at the end of the movie of The Two Towers. I was taken with that song the first time I heard it and have listened (and thought about it) many times since. “All our love/Means nothing to you now.” A reasonable understanding, given the (poetic) situation. Thanks!

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