Day 2: Being Brave

Nov. 2: When was the last time you did something brave? What happened?

When I think of bravery, I can’t think of anything I have done that contributes to that word. Being brave can mean so many different things from saving a person’s life to stepping on that creepy spider in the bathroom.

I guess it’s all in one’s perspective on what bravery really is.

Something that I have done that can be slightly considered brave is standing up for myself.

Being an only child, I grew up not really used to confrontation. I didn’t have to defend myself against siblings or bullies because I didn’t go through those experiences as a child. Not even when I was older in high school or college, things just generally went smooth and I minded my own business and got in no one’s way.

However, I have noticed that after starting graduate school, I have had to learn how to defend myself from other’s…comments.

My patience for these comments had begun to run thin and so once I finally decided to set things straight (albeit it wasn’t harsh) I felt better for doing it. It is possible to stand for my own honor without being rude or disrespectful. Just because someone goes down to that level doesn’t mean I have to follow suit.

I think it makes me better for it. Standing up for yourself is empowering and although it was a baby step, it made me feel good.



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I write what I'm passionate about. I believe in the therapeutic process of writing because it keeps me sane and motivated.
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