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La Française

A white bird of peace Flies into the endless skies of blue. She escapes the red of pain, Giving hope for the day anew. © An Offbeat Bluestocking, 2015 I thought of drawing her face with a sad expression, but … Continue reading

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Winter Dream (Writing 201: Day 9–Cold, Concrete Poem, Anaphora/Epistrophe feat. Syncope!)

Here’s a short one for today. Since I don’t live where it’s cold all I can do is dream about what it’s like when the winter months arrive. I have palm trees and sun all year long, most times I … Continue reading

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Galaxy Girl

Since I’m still new to blogging I’m not sure if I can also post artwork like I post my writing so if anyone knows i’d like your input.  Here’s a little thing I finished last night.     done with watercolor … Continue reading

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Gifts in a Pinch

You know what can be cheap and meaningful? A homemade gift. And you guessed it, I have some homemade gifts that I would like to share. Fate has it where my grandparents have birthdays only a day apart so I … Continue reading

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