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Tomorrow’s the Day…

Election day that is. As I sit here in front of my laptop, typing away at the keys, I can hear the news from my living room. The constant rattling of news anchors has filled my ears and brain with … Continue reading

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Short but Necessary

This is not a political post. I am constantly being bombarded with such toxicity every single day with the recent events that have occurred these past few weeks…Innocent civilians murdered..innocent police officers murdered. It’s in all our media, facebook, newspapers … Continue reading

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Adjusting to Change

Since the last time I posted, something has been on my mind. I’ve noticed that many blogs I follow have a set schedule on when they update and thus gain a steady flow of traffic. I could just update whenever … Continue reading

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Tears for Beauty

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.” Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful. Why do we cry when we find something beautiful? As humans, it would be considered strange to … Continue reading

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Give Thanks! (NaBloPoMo Day 6)

Monday, November 9 What is the first thing you do every single day (I mean, after you hit the snooze button)? When did that step in your routine begin? So I suppose my generation is known for their integration and … Continue reading

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Everyone is Insecure About Something (Writing 101-Day 7)

Let social media inspire you One of the goals of Writing 101 is to tap into new and unexpected places for post ideas. Today, let’s look to Twitter for inspiration. "Why is writing so much harder for me than it … Continue reading

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Psychic Wrist (NaBloPoMo Day 4)

Today’s post will be a short one only because my wrist is acting up on me. The weather has been unpredictable between humidity and rainstorms. I’m not sure if it’s the air pressure in the environment but my right wrist … Continue reading

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