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Making Brain-space

If there is something that I have personally learned through writing, it’s that it gives me a chance to organize my thoughts. Before I even start typing I envision my thoughts jumbled into this large ball of tangled sentences just … Continue reading

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Goodbye Eraser, Hello Backspace! : Writing in the 21st Century

One of the most beautiful things of the Internet is that it’s available for people of all ages. Sure, it helps to be a little tech-savvy to know your way around but with the help of a tutorial or a … Continue reading

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Kicking off NaBloPoMo!

Wow, this title sounds enthusiastic. It’s late at night, I have the weather channel on tv and some scented candles to make the room smell like a Garden Rain (Thanks Walmart). Today is November 1st (or 2nd, depending on your … Continue reading

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Writing 101: I Write Because…

I write because it helps me channel my thoughts and fine tune the messy jumble that they are in my head, into something more refined and worthy of writing down. For today’s post, I’m going ahead and sticking to my … Continue reading

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Sorry for the loud title but I just get so excited over books, especially new books! In this case, they’re used but still new to me! Also, I got my laptop back! Hooray! I missed it for the two days … Continue reading

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I Suck at Small Talk…

…But many other people do too right? Someone…anyone…please say yes? Being a bit of an introvert and having history of anxiety in new social environments can be a bad formula for someone actually wanting to be well-mannered in the art … Continue reading

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